Self Study Report: For Accreditation


Committee Members

It is hereby notified that as per the resolution adopted in the Governing Body Meeting of 12th August,2022, NAAC Self-Study Report (SSR) Committee of the college has been reconstituted with effect from the date of notification till further notice. It includes the following members:

Chairperson: Dr. Subhabrata Gangopadhyay TIC (ex-officio)
Overall Responsibility: Dr. Pinki Saha Sardar, VP Admin & VP Science
Advisor: Dr. Anup Sikdar
NAAC Coordinator: Ms. Paramita Chakravarty
IQAC Coordinator: Dr. Anupa Ghosh & Mr. Tathagata Sen

Name of the Members Designation
Ms. Paramita Chakravarty Co-ordinator
Executive Summary
IQAC Coordinator/ Joint Coordinator & Ms. Jashomati Ghosh
Profile of the Institution
NAAC Coordinator & Mr. Sayan Roy
2(a) Institutional preparedness for NEP
Dr. Anup Sikdar
Extended Profile of the Instution
NAAC Coordinator & Mr. Sayan Roy
Criterion 1
Ms. Neetisha Jha (1.1.1) | Ms. Shaswati Das & Dr. Jayajit Chakraborty (1.2.1,1.2.2) | Ms. Gargi (1.3.1*,1.3.2,1.4.1)
*Final Verification: Ms. Neetisha Jha & Dr. Anup Sikdar
Criterion 2
Mr. Sayan Roy & Ms. Debarati Guha (2.1.1,2.1.2,2.2.1) | Ms. Moumita Dutta (2.3.1*) | Mr. Vivek Patwari (2.4.1,2.4.2) | Dr. Souraja Tagore (2.5.1*) | Dr. Rekha Nariwal (2.6.1*) | Mr. Sayan Roy (2.6.2) | Ms. Gargi (2.7.1)
* Final Verification: Ms. Arundhati Mazumder & Dr. Anup Sikdar
Criterion 3
Dr. Ivy Dasgupta & Dr. Dyuti Sinha (3.1.1,3.2.2,3.3.1,3.3.2) | Dr. Debanjana Chakravarti (3.2.1*,3.4.1*) | Dr. Joyeta Bhadury (3.4.2*,3.4.3,3.5.1)
*Final Verification: Mr. Tathagata Sen & Dr. Anup Sikdar
Criterion 4
Dr. Suchandra Chakraborty (4.1.1*,4.1.2,4.3.2,4.4.1) | Mr. Akash Mehta (4.2.1*,4.3.1*)
*Final Verification: Mr. Karan Vora & Dr. Anup Sikdar
Criterion 5
Ms. Barnasree Chatterjee (5.1.1,5.1.2,5.1.3,5.1.4,5.4.1*) | Dr. Utsa Das (5.2.1,5.2.2) | Ms. Priyanka Banerjee (5.3.1,5.3.2)
*Final Verification: Ms. Paramita Chakravarty & Dr. Anup Sikdar
Criterion 6
Dr. Arnab Gangopadhyay (6.2.1*,6.2.2,6.3.1*,6.3.2,6.3.3) | Ms.Paramita Chakravarty (6.1.1*,6.4.1*,6.5.1*,6.5.2)
*Final Verification: Ms. Paramita Chakravarty & Dr. Anup Sikdar
Criterion 7
Dr. Purba Roy Chowdhury (7.1.1*,7.1.4*) | Mr. Sugata Adhya (7.1.2,7.1.3) | Dr. Gargi Talapatra (7.2.1*,7.3.1*)
*Final Verification: Dr. Gargi Talapatra & Dr. Anup Sikdar
Working Committee
1. Mr. Minesh Maniar (MIS/ERP)
2. Mr. Subhendu Banerjee (Accounts)
3. Mr. Chittojit Bhattacharya & Mr. Anirban Sarkar (Library)
Data Support in major areas

Links of SSR for Second Cycle

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