Memorandum of Policies

BESC Rules & Regulations

The College attaches great importance to discipline and the same must be scrupulously observed by all students.
Failure to comply with the code of conduct will lead to strict disciplinary action.

Every bonafide student of the College must carry the College Identity Card at all times when he/ she is in the College campus or else a fine of Rs. 510 will be imposed. Students not carrying valid Identity Card may be refused entry into the College premises.
Students must read the general and classified notices uploaded on the College website noticeboard regularly. Ignorance of any information put up on the notice board will not be accepted as an excuse.
All correspondence with B.Com, B.A, B.Sc, B.B.A, M.Com. & M.A. should be addressed to the respective Vice-Principal, Coordinator or Head of the Department.
In all correspondence regarding students, it is necessary to mention complete 10 digit UID issued by College along with the full name.
Money orders and letters addressed to students must be directed to their residence in city and not to the College, else they will be returned to the remitter.
Those who wish to secure the Principal’s signature for issuance of certificates, attestation true copies, etc. should approach the College Ground floor office at Room No. 020 during the designated office hours displayed at the college office. Students must fill up and submit the prescribed application form to the office at least 3 working days in advance to obtain such certificate.
Transfer Certificates will be issued from the Principal’s office. The students must fill up and submit the prescribed application form to the office of the Principal at least 5 working days in advance, to obtain such a Certificate.
At time of final Admission. All data uploaded on-line is required to be verified against original documents. If any of the data filled up in the form is found in variation to data given in the original documents then the Admission given shall be null and void.
Management shall not be responsible for any typing error/omission specially in case of marks uploaded and noted in the original mark sheet. No subsequent request for the same will be entertained for correction or reconsideration of admission/merit list etc.
Mobile Phones / I-pods / Music system or similar gadgets – Students are warned not to use the above-mentioned systems or gadgets within the College premises. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, should students use mobiles in the lecture hall, laboratory, classroom, examination hall, library. A student carrying / using mobile phone in such areas as notified will lead to confiscation of the phone and a fine of Rs. 500
Students must attend the lectures, practical/tutorials, workshops etc regularly and punctually.
Students must attend seminars / workshops /awareness programmes organised by the College.
College does not have any designated Parking area. The College takes no responsibility for the loss of vehicles. Good civic sense demands that cars and motor cycles are not parked on the pavement outside the College premises.
Railway /Air travel concession will be issued only during Puja and Summer vacations. Railway /Air travel concession forms will be issued by office to the eligible students if the request application to this effect is made reasonably well in advance to the office.
Excursions Picnics involving overnight stays are not allowed.
Access to the Common Room is strictly reserved against producing valid College ID card and as per session timings.
During College class times, no games, even in small groups, are to be played anywhere on the College premises.
Due respect must be given to the teachers, both inside and outside the classroom.
Talking loudly / shouting in the classrooms, corridors, library, and office or anywhere inside the College premises is strictly prohibited.
Smoking, Consumption of alcoholic drinks or chewing of pan masala and the use of narcotics is strictly prohibited in any part of the College, including canteen.
Students are forbidden to address a class or write anything on the WhiteBoard / BlackBoards in the absence of a teacher.
The conduct of the students in the class and on the premises of the College should be such, as will cause no disturbance to teachers, fellow students or other classes.
Students are to strictly adhere to the decorum of public behaviour and avoid the use of abusive language and indecent manners in all their interactions.
It is necessary for the students to attend Independence Day/ Republic Day/ Swaraswati Puja / Annual Sports / College Foundation Day / College Fest and other such important occasions.
Students must take proper care of the College property. Any damage done to College property will be considered to be a serious offence.
Any damage (including graffiti on wall, destroying furniture, electrical fittings etc.) will have to be made good by paying the cost of damage by those responsible for the damage. Disciplinary action will be taken against students damaging any College property.
At any time, the last person leaving a room should switch off the lights, fans, ACs etc. of the class room. Saving and consuming electricity is the primary duty of every environment conscious individual.
No student shall communicate any information to or write about any matters dealing with the College in the press, public domain, social media without prior permission written permission of the Principal/ Teacher in Charge.
Any student who:
  • Is persistently insubordinate;
  • Is wilfully mischievous;
  • uses foul / abusive languages;
  • defaces the walls or damages any property within the premises;
is likely to have an unwholesome effect on other students or detrimental to the smooth and orderly conduct of the College; and if such a student is repeatedly found guilty of fraud / malpractices in tests / exams etc., the said student is liable to be expelled, either temporarily or permanently, depending on the nature and seriousness of the offence or be denied admission to the succeeding year.
Students are required to dress decently and modestly, when they come to College. Students whose dress does not agree with the code prescribed by the College, will be denied entry to the College campus.
Students are answerable to the College authorities for their behaviour both in and outside the College. Any misbehaviour on their part that, in any way, hinders orderly administration and discipline and any act of violence or vandalism will be sternly dealt with.
Demonstrations of any kind in the College premises is strictly prohibited.
Students should not leave their books, valuables and other belongings in their class rooms. The College is not responsible for lost property.
If for any reason, the continuance of a student in the College is, detrimental in the opinion of the Principal, to the best interests of the College, the Principal may ask such a student to leave the College. The Principal’s decision shall be final in this regard.
No student will be allowed to take active part in politics and no political activity will be permitted on College premises.
Students are not allowed to invite any outsiders / friends to the College or to the College canteen
If a student remains absent without prior permission / proper intimation for a long time, his/ her name is liable to be removed from the College register and the College is not liable to send any intimation regarding the same, to the concerned student or to his parent / guardian.
No student shall contribute or collect money for any reason without prior written consent from the Principal.
Matters not covered by the existing rules shall rest on the discretion of the Principal.
In all matters of discipline of the College, the Principal’s decision will be final and binding.
No poster is to be pasted or fixed with cello tape anywhere on the College walls without the permission if the concern College authorities. For any writing on the walls, strict punishment will be imposed.

Ragging of any kind and magnitude inside/outside the college campus will not be tolerated and stringent disciplinary action will be taken accordingly.

Any incident of ragging must be brought to the immediate notice of the Principal/ Vice-Principal/ Head of Department. If a student is found to have indulged in ragging in the past or if it is noticed later that he had indulged in ragging, admission may be refused or he / she will be expelled from the educational institution. Each student of the Institute and his / her parent and, or guardian is required to submit a combined mandatory undertaking at the time of admission, in the format prescribed by the Honourable Supreme Court.

Examination Regulations as per the norms of the Calcutta University.
The University will hold two examinations per year, one at the end of each Semester, according to the following schedule:

  • Semester I, III & V – June
  • Semester II,IV & VI – December

The routine for the examination will be notified on College website by the College as per University guideline.

Eligibility norms for appearing in University Examination.

  • A candidate must attend at least 75% of the lectures delivered in the College during a single academic Semester
  • Candidates with less than 60% attendance will be deemed dis-collegiate and will be debarred from appearing in the examinations
  • Candidate must fill-up relevant Calcutta University Examination form
  • Payment of College fees as prescribed.
The College shall notify the students about the date for filling up of examination forms, in accordance with the dates specified by the University. Such notification will be published on College website. The College will not be responsible for any student who fails to fill up the form within the stipulated period. The University schedule will have to be strictly followed in this regard.
Candidates will not be issued Admit Cards for examinations unless they meet all the requirements listed above.
Internal Assessment Test for all Semester will be conducted by the College and held as stipulated by the University.

  • Semester I, III & V – May
  • Semester II,IV & VI – November
Attendance Regulations as per the norms of the Calcutta University.


Regular and punctual attendance is compulsory for every student of the College. As per University of Calcutta regulation, a student will be considered:

1. Non-Collegiate if his / her attendance in any subject / group of subjects falls short of 75% but not below 60%. Candidates declared Non Collegiate may be allowed to fill in application forms for examination on payment of requisite non-collegiate fees as per Calcutta University norm

2. A candidate who has not attended at least 60% of lectures delivered / practical classes held in any subject / group of subjects shall be considered as “Discollegiate “and shall be debarred from appearing in any examination as per Calcutta University norms. A list of attendance defaulters will be displayed on the notice board each month and also at the end of each term. A student who, for any reason whatsoever, is not able to attend College for at least 25% of the total number of working days in any given month, is liable to disciplinary action including his/her name being struck off from the College roll. A student whose attendance is unsatisfactory will not be granted Terms, will not be permitted to appear for the Examination and will not be granted admission to higher class.

3. College will strictly apply the University rules

4. If any student is absent without leave for 15 days or more his / her name is liable to be struck off the rolls. This rule will be strictly adhered to and no relaxation will be made.

5. In case of absence from the College under unavoidable circumstances, application for leave must be submitted to the Principal in writing immediately within two working days of his / her joining, providing a letter from the Parent /Guardian giving reasons for the absence

Letter of absence to be written to Teacher In Charge / Vice-Principal/ Head of Department.

For absence of  longer duration than 5 days or 5 classes of a subject, a permission letter from the Vice-Principal/ Head of Department requires to be obtained. After that, for every recurring long duration of absence which could affect the required attendance percentage, it is the student’s responsibility to keep a duplicate of the permission letter submitted, with the Vice-Principal/ Head of Department’s signature. The Medical Certificates and the other relevant documents of illness may be submitted.