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Knowledge Circles

The college runs 18 Knowledge Circles ranging from dance, music to entrepreneurship, MUN, SETU, CII-Yuva, Leadership Training and more for a holistic development of the students, under the guidance of the Dean, Professor Dilip Shah.

Collective Registration
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Dean’s office 6th-floor
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Contact no. 9748844460 / 033-40195589

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    Art in Me

    Drawing, painting and sketching

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    Model United Nations

    BESC empowered me to take on leadership roles. Thanks to the AON collective, the world of diplomatic relations, the United Nations and state dialogues have opened up before me. It made me more aware, taught me the value of research and the finer nuances of putting forward one’s point of view with subtlety and strength, and filled me with confidence.

    Swapneel Thakur, Class of 2020

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    Bhawanipur Entrepreneurship and Start-Up Training

    B.E.S.T is all about providing business opportunities that encourage entrepreneurship and has helped me to reach my goal of starting out on my own. It consists of mentorship programmes, factory visits and hands-on exposure to business environments that includes practicing business doyens talking about their experiences and sharing their knowledge with the students. It has helped me handle the pressure of being a real entrepreneur.

    Shagun Agarwal, Class of 2020

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    Bull’s Eye

    Stock Market Training

    BESC Bull’s Eye has given me the opportunity to start in the stock markets by learning from the best in the industry and putting it to practical use.

    Suyash Agarwal, Class of 2021  

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    Music and Singing.

    From music and poetry to leadership qualities, BESC has helped me hone my skills in every aspect. Crescendo has transformed me into a better and more confident performer by providing me great exposure, literally giving me the stage to showcase my talents. I feel proud to be a BE-ite.


    Anjali Dubey , Class of 2021

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    EcoFor BE-ites

    Economics, Finance & Data Analysis

    Extend economic education beyond the classroom and touching the future of application through the realms of theory.

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    Theatre and Acting

    Theatre brings a breath of fresh air to daily drudgery and monotony of our lives. I cannot imagine my life without theatre. All thanks to Bhawanipur Enact, which fosters a rich theatrical culture and has a gem of a team, I have learnt and grown immensely.

    Aditya Kumar, Class of 2020

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    Creative Writing and Photography

    I was a writer and reporter for BESC. I ensured that all my fellow students who demonstrated their talents and abilities on the campus got the recognition they deserved by writing about them in various communiques of the institution. In the process, I honed my skills as a writer and am now media-ready. Thank you, BESC.

    Nikita Mittal, Class of 2021

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    Fashion Show, Ramp walking, Modelling

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    Bhawanipur Dance Club

    BESC provides students a chance for holistic development. Other than knowledge, it gave me a platform to not only showcase my talent as a dancer but also improve my managerial and communication skills to become the best version of myself.

    Russian Bose, Class of 2020

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    National Cadet Corps

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    National Service Scheme

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    Science Club

    Exploring the science around us and nurturing technical skill with scientific theories.

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    Power House

    Bhawanipur Fitness Club

    Joining the Fitness club is more than just a commitment to physical activity; it’s an invitation to be part of a power packed community that values camaraderie, sportsmanship, and the joy of competition. Here students are ever ready to wear their gears & experience the thrill of sports and fitness at The Bhawanipur Education Society College, all with one motto of “SEHAT BHI SANYAM BHI”!

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    Bhawanipur Quiz Club

    Quizzard has been one of the most interesting collectives in the college. It expanded the horizons of my knowledge in various fields and helped me develop overall. As a participant I learnt by observing my peers, embraced the habit of inquisitiveness that is research-backed and built my knowledge base, which now shows in my increased confidence.

    Shivani Bamalwa, Class of 2020

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    Experiencing Different Cultures and Perspectives

    Leadership development, cross-cultural global internships and volunteer exchange experiences.

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    Students Skill Share

    Students Share Skills is a platform where one can share their skills and consequently acquire new skills in a friendly atmosphere where those who impart and those who learn are both students. So, let us use our imagination so that our possibilities become limitless realities. This collective is the wind beneath your wings.
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    Vox Populi

    Bhawanipur Debating Society

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    Igniting creativity and passion on screen. Uniting diverse talents, we capture stories that resonate, leaving a lasting cinematic imprint. Join the reel journey!

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