Events & Holidays

College Calendar

  1. Please follow the college website for any change in time, date and venue.
  2. Only regular bonafide registered students of our college are eligible for participating in the intra college (boys & girls) championship/selection’s.
  3. Intra college (boys & girls) championship/selection’s shall be organized provided that there shall be minimum 8 participating students / players.
  4. Student’s / player’s willing to participate in the intra college (boys & girls)tournament / selection’s are requested to register themselves before the last date of entry in the college website.
  5. Documents required on the date of championship: college i.d. card.
  6. The competition date for any of the above mentioned intra college (boys & girls) games may be changed, if necessary, under unavoidable circumstances.
  7. Students have to maintain strict observance of social distancing, mandatory wearing of face masks.
  8. Note : For badminton selection’s / championship outside shoes are not permitted within the court. shoes with non marking gum sole is allowed. white colour canvas new shoes are allowed. bare feet not allowed.
Admission 2024-25 is live