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    Date: 15/10/2020

    B.Com Part III Honours General
    Accounting & Finance NA NA
    Marketing  NA NA
    Taxation  NA NA
    Computer Applications & e-Business NA NA
    B.Com Semester VI Honours General
    Accounting & Finance  NA NA
    Marketing  NA NA
    Taxation  NA NA
    Computer Applications & e-Business  NA NA
    BBA Part III (Honours)
    Marketing Management NA
    Financial Management NA
    B.A Part III Honours General
    English NA NA
    Journalism & Mass Communication NA NA
    Political Science NA NA
    Sociology NA NA
    History NA NA
    Bengali NA NA
    Psychology NA NA
    Film Studies NA NA
    Education NA NA
    Geography NA NA
    Hindi NA NA
    B.Sc Part III Honours General
    Mathematics NA NA
    Physics NA NA
    Chemistry NA NA
    Computer Science NA NA
    Electronics NA NA
    Statistics NA NA
    Economics NA NA
    M.Com Semester IV NA
    M.A (English) Semester IV NA

    CU Examinations At a Glance

    CU Examinations Process Notice

    Students who are Eligible and are willing to appear for their Part III / Semester VI Calcutta University Final Examination are required to read and strictly follow the following procedure.

    The Examination is starting from 01.10.2020. (Click here for Examination Schedule).

    1. Students will have to appear in the Examination from their place of residence only & Presence in College campus for appearing in the said Examination is not allowed.
    2. Examination will begin at 12:00 noon on scheduled dates (check the Examination Schedule). The duration of the Examination is 02 (two) hours.
    3. The question paper for the said examination will be sent to the Institutional Email id (UID@thebges.edu.in) provided by the College and shall also be made available on the College website https://www.thebges.edu.in/cu-examinations/ 15 minutes before the start of the examination on the scheduled dates.
    4. Please ensure that
      a) The answers must be written on blank white A4 sheets.
      b) The answers must be written only on one side of the A4 Sheet.
      c) There should be clear margin of 1 inch all 4 sides of every page.
    5. On each page students must correctly write the following.
      • University Registration Number.
      • Part-III / Semester-VI University Roll number
      • Page number (in each page. Suggested format: Page 1 of 4, Page 2 of 4 and so on)
      • DateClick here to find your Calcutta University Registration number & Roll Number
    7. The Examination must be completed within 02:00 pm positively.
    8. After completion of the examination, all the pages of the answer scripts have to be scanned chronologically into single PDF file. You may take help of Document Scanner Apps like Microsoft Lens, Adobe Scan etc.
    9. ✓ For faster upload, try to limit the file size below 25 MB.
      ✓ The file name should be in the format mentioned – College UID – Paper Name.
      Example of file name- 0101179999–31A.pdf
    10. Utmost care should be taken to ensure that the answer scripts are scanned with proper resolutions and are clearly readable at the time of evaluation.
    11. A separate Google form link shall be sent to your Institutional Email ID on each Examination day 30 minutes before the scheduled completion time for uploading the scanned copy of the answer scripts. Incase if you face any issues in uploading the answer script on Google form link, the same can be emailed to the respective departmental ID (Click for the Departmental Email ID list) within 30 minutes from completion of examination (i.e. latest 02:30 pm).
      Please note that Answer scripts is to be uploaded on Google Form.
    12. In case of sending Answer script through email,
      ✓ The email should be sent through your Intuitional Email ID
      ✓ Subject of the email should be College UID, Subject Name & Paper Name.
    13. In Case of persistent problems in Downloading, Scanning, uploading or attaching Answer Script file, contact the subject teacher whose name is in the attached list. (Click for Teachers List)