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Did you listen with rapt attention as your high-school History teacher explained the ramifications of World War II? Do the mysteries of the past inspire you to understand them and, in so doing, change the present? Then this is the undergraduate programme for you. Our four-year Honours course covers a wide range of topics in Indian and World History — ancient, medieval and modern — and equips you for a career not just in academics, but also museum sciences, archaeology, government service, journalism, publishing, international humanitarian agencies and more.

Why should I pursue a BA History degree?

A degree in history is crucial in informing and instructing students about interpreting human identities and discovering the wide transformations that have affected human societies and civilizations. The skills transferred to the students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in history is foundational for them to uncover, analyze and critically interpret the various events happening around them in contemporary times (not to mention past historical events). In today’s day and age when we are inundated with an information overload, not to mention, conflicting and oftentimes misinformation, a degree in history will help students learn to comprehend, differentiate, and place historical facts and arguments in a concise, coherent manner. Students will learn to treat historical sources with caution and build narratives to understand individuals, communities, societies, nations, and states in a contextual manner.

Scope of the BA History degree?

A degree in history provides us with an expansive view of human society, and civilization, as well as the development of human rights and individual enterprise and challenges. Every aspect of human life has during centuries become the universal history of mankind, depicting man’s achievements in every field of life-political, economic, social, cultural, scientific, technological, religious and artistic, etc., and at various levels-local, regional, national, and international. A history degree helps students understand the history of every academic discipline – art, science, geography, religion, psychology, philosophy, education. Its wide forays in interdisciplinary strands help us better understand our societies and the world around us.

Career prospects after BA History degree?

A degree in history opens opportunities for students in numerous career options: as teachers of history in schools, colleges, and universities to archaeologists, museum officers, heritage conservationists to researchers affiliated to think tank organisations. Being a core academic subject, a background in history helps students who are interested in pursuing a career in public administration or in public policy. A background in history also opens avenues for future employment in journalism (and historical journalism) in particular.

Available courses after BA History degree?

After a BA in history, students can opt for a master’s degree (M.A). Following this they can always opt for a specialized research degree (PhD). 

Corporate Job Options

A degree in history also helps students pursue career options in corporate offices in the role of a human resource officer. A background in humanities helps students develop empathy, sophisticated thinking, and problem-solving abilities – all crucial for a job in the corporate world. 

Competitive Exam Options Available

Students who have had a bachelor’s in history have an inherent advantage when opting for competitive exams like West Bengal Civil Services, Union Public Service Commission, or regional civil service exams. They are also at an advantage when opting for government service examinations.

Career Switch Options

Students who may find themselves drifting away from the discipline of history can always switch their careers to public policy, administration, or corporate jobs as enumerated above.


To conclude, a degree in history is intellectually fulfilling, academically enriching, politically and historically accurate, and socially responsible. To add to this, it provides its students an opportunity to not only understand their own selves, culture, and civilization but provides them an opportunity to serve societies and their own people. 

Course Structure

Choice Based Credit System


Course Code Name of Course Semester Marks
CC-1 History of India (From the Earliest times to C 300 BCE) 1 100
CC-2 Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Ancient World other than India 1 100
GE-1 History of India from the earliest times upto 300 CE 1 100
AECC-1 Compulsory English / MIL (Bengali/Hindi) 1 100
CC-3 History of India (c 300 BCE to c.750 CE) 2 100
CC-4 Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Medieval World other than India 2 100
GE-2 History of India from c.300 to 1206 2 100
AECC-2 ENVS 2 100
CC-5 History of India (c.750 – 1206) 3 100
CC-6 Rise of the Modern West –I 3 100
CC-7 History of India (c.1206 – 1526) 3 100
SEC -A-1 or SEC-A-2 Archives and museums or Understanding Heritage 3 100
GE-3 History of India from 1206 to 1707 3 100
CC-8 Rise of the Modern West – 11 4 100
CC-9 History of India (c.1526-1605) 4 100
CC-10 History of India (c.1605 – 1750s) 4 100
SEC -B-1 or SEC-B-2 Understanding Popular Culture or Art Appreciation: an Introduction to Indian Art 4 100
GE-4 History of India from 1707 to 1950 4 100
CC-11 History of Modern Europe (c.1780-1939) 5 100
CC-12 History of India (c.1750s– 1857) 5 100
DSE-A-1 or DSE-A-2 History of Bengal (c.1757-1905) or History of United States of America – I (c.1776 – 1945) 5 100
DSE-B-1 or DSE-B-2 History of Modern East Asia – I China (c.1840 – 1949) or History of Southeast Asia – The 19th Century 5 100
CC-13 History of India (c. 1857 – 1964) 6 100
CC-14 History of World Politics: (1945-1994) 6 100
DSE-A-3 or DSE-A-4 History of Bengal (c.1905-1947) or History of United States of America – II (c.1776-1945) 6 100
DSE-B-3 or DSE-B-4 History of Modern East Asia – II Japan (c.1868 – 1945) or History of Southeast Asia – The 20th Century 6 100


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Course Eligibility

A candidate taking up Honours Course in a subject must have obtained at the previous qualifying examination a minimum of:

55% marks in History


45% marks in History + 50% marks in BO4

Note :

  • If the candidate has not studied History in class XII, he / she needs to achieve the above-mentioned marks in English to apply for History (H).
  • Please also read General Eligibility Criteria, Under Admissions.
Course Duration

4 Years

Course Hours

10:15 am to 4:30 pm (Day Session, Co-Ed)

Course Fees

₹28,515 (First Semester)

Admission 2024-25 is live