B.A (Hons)


Our three-year undergraduate honours programme in English will not only give you a nuanced understanding of English language and literature, it will also develop skills that will give you an edge over others in the global environment. With growing demand for young professionals with an excellent command over the English language across various fields, give yourself the competitive edge with additional competency in regional languages with electives like Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati and Bengali. Or opt for complementary electives like History, Political Science and Education.

Course Structure

Choice Based Credit System

Name of Course Semester Marks
History of literature and philology 1 100
European classical literature 1 100
Poetry and short story 1 100
Communicative english or mil 1 100
Indian writing in english 2 100
Environment study 2 100
Essay + drama and novel 2 100
British poetry and drama (14th – 17th century) 2 100
American literature 3 100
Popular literature 3 100
Translation studies or business communication 3 100
British poetry and drama (17th – 18th century) 3 100
British literature (18th century) 4 100
Academic writing 4 100
Women’s writing and women’s empowerment 3 100
British romantic literature 4 100
19th century british literature 4 100
Creative writing or academic writing and composition 4 100
Women’s writing 5 100
Early 20th century British literature 5 100
Modern Indian writing in english translation or literary theory and criticism 5 100
Literary types and rhetoric and prosody or contemporary India: women and empowerment 5 100
Modern European drama 6 100
Postcolonial literature 6 100
Partition literature or media and communication studies 6 100
Autobiography or text and performances 6 100


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Course Eligibility

A candidate taking up an Honours Course in a subject must have obtained, at the previous qualifying examination, a minimum of:

55% marks in English


45% marks in English + 50% marks in BO4


Please also read General Eligibility Criteria, Under Admissions.

Course Duration

3 Years

Course Hours

10:15 am to 4:30 pm (Day session, Co-ed)

Course Fees

₹ 25,090/- (First Semester)

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