Research and Publication Cell

Committee Members

It is hereby notified that as per the resolution adopted in the Governing Body Meeting of 19th December, 2021, Research and Publication Cell of the college has been reconstituted with effect from the date of notification till further notice. It includes the following members:

Chairperson – Dr. Subhabrata Gangopadhyay TIC (ex-officio)

S. No. Name of Members Designation Responsibility
1 Dr. Gargi Talapatra (English) Convenor 1. To invite research proposals from the faculty members in a prescribed format.


2. To select proposals for funding by the college, after assessment by a duly constituted screening committee with both external and internal members.

3. To draw up a budget and forward it to the Governing body for sanctioning of funds.

4. To encourage peer reviewed publications by the departments of the college.

5. To monitor progress of the project in a time bound manner through submission of Half Yearly reports.

6. To monitor utilisation of funds through regular audited reports.

7. To assess the need for infrastructural support.

8. To explore the possibility of getting grants from external agencies.

9. To ensure that at least two of the proposals accepted each year are linked to social needs and/or industrial needs.

10. To hold meetings every quarter, and keep meticulous records of proceedings, action taken, etc.

11. To provide quarterly reports and proposals to IQAC.

12. To select teachers who may be eligible to act as PhD guides.

13. To oversee the publication of books and journals.

3 1. Dr. D.K. Banerjee (Commerce)
2. Dr. Pinki Saha Sardar (Chemistry)
3. Dr. Sampa Sinha Basu (Bengali)
4. Dr. Joyeta Bhadury (Commerce)
5. Dr. Anupa Ghosh (Economics)
6. Dr. Tridib Sengupta (BBA)
7. Ms. Paramita Chakravarty (M.Com)
Special Advisor Members

Objective of the Committee

The Research and Publication Cell of The Bhawanipur Education Society College was formed in 2018. The cell was created to:

  • Invite research proposals from the faculty in a prescribed format.
  • Select proposals for funding after assessment by a screening committee with both internal and external members.
  • Draw up a budget and forward it to the Governing Body for sanctioning of funds.
  • Encourage peer-reviewed publications by college faculty.
  • Monitor progress of research projects in a time-bound manner.
  • Oversee the publication of books and journals.
  • Help organise seminars, extension lectures, etc.

Achievements of the Committee

The focus of the cell during 2019-2020 has been on inviting faculty research proposals, publication of academic volumes and organisation of seminars/ workshops for the students—especially final-semester students enrolled for the postgraduate programmes—to enhance their employability skills.

The Research and Publication Cell engaged in the following activities during the session 2019-2020:

  1. Publication and distribution of an academic volume titled Cultural Gastros (second enlarged edition). The book, comprising scholarly articles from faculty and research scholars across various disciplines, had been published by the Department of Sociology, The Bhawanipur Education Society College, previously. In August 2019, a second enlarged edition was published by the Research and Publication Cell. A stamp was created for the Research and Publication Cell. Copies of this volume were sent to various educational institutions of repute across the country by the cell and two copies were sent to the National Library and MHRD respectively, as a humble effort to contribute to the domain of knowledge and research.
  2. The first instalment of the financial aid for the projects sanctioned by the cell in 2018-19 was released by the college in September 2019. A notice inviting research proposals from the cell was issued to the faculty in 2020.
  3. An IQAC-approved, two-day workshop on critical thinking was organised for the M.A. and M.Com. students of the final semester by the Research and Publication Cell, in collaboration with Critical Thinking Academy, Bangalore on February 21 and 22, 2020. The workshop was conducted by Mr. A.S. Prasad from Critical Thinking Academy, Bangalore. With over 30 years of experience in marketing and management, Mr. Prasad is a trainer in Critical Thinking and a guest faculty at IIM Indore and NIFT. The aim of the workshop was to enhance employability skills of the students by introducing them to the process of informed decision-making based on critical thinking and analysis of situations. The sessions were divided into introduction of critical thinking framework, logical reasoning, inductive reasoning, causal reasoning and mapping of arguments. Each participant was issued with written material of 130 pages, including parameters of critical thinking and case studies. The sessions on both the days saw active participation from students through engaging interactive sessions with the trainer. The workshop was immensely successful with more than 80 students from both the courses attending it. The participants were issued certificates by the Research and Publication Cell and feedback was collected to record their experience of the workshop.
  4. Project numbers were issued by the Research and Publication Cell to the recipients of the research grants for 2018-19.

Future Plans

  1. Encouraging faculty publications by periodic circulation of lists of journals, accepting articles for publication across various disciplines.
  2. Publishing a multidisciplinary report based on data-based surveys conducted online by the various departments to analyse the impact of COVID-19 from different angles, including on various sectors of industry, family, media, education, social interaction, etc.
  3. Organising in-house peer webinars for the recipients of the research grant in 2018-19, in collaboration with the IQAC, in order to record and assess the progress of work by the research awardees and problems faced, if any.

Committee Meetings

Number of Meetings held July 2019-June 2020: Four (04)
Dates: 23.09.2019, 16.11.2019, 15.02.2020, 27.06.2020
Minutes of Meetings: Maintained

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