Examination Committee

It is hereby notified that as per the decision adopted in the Governing Body Meeting on 12th May 2022, the Examination Committee of the College has been reconstituted to conduct the Examinations from the date of the notification. The Committee includes the following members:

Chairperson:             Dr. Subhabrata Gangopadhyay, The Teacher-In-Charge (Ex-Officio)

Coordinator:              Mr. Saspo Chakraborty, Vice-Principal, Commerce (Afternoon & Evening Section)

Joint Coordinator: Mr. Sanjib Halder, Department of Computer Science


Departmental Coordinators
Department/Section Name of the Faculty
History Ms. Piu Chatterjee
Bengali Dr. Mili Samaddar
Political Science Dr. Debanjana Chakravarti
English Ms. Jashomati Ghose & Mr.Soumyajit Chandra
Education Dr. Rekha Nariwal
Journalism & Mass Communication Dr. Kapil Kumar Bhattacharyya
Sociology Ms. Shreya Bhattacharya
Geography Dr. Debika Banerji
Hindi Dr. Kavita Mehrotra
Psychology Ms. Pooja Sengupta
Film Studies Mr. Supratik Sur Roy
Environmental Studies (BA & BSC) Ms. Priti Shah and Dr. Mahua Das
Chemistry Dr. Sugata Samanta
Physics Dr. Anindita Roy
Mathematics Mr. Sugata Adhya
Electronics Mr. Debarup Roy
Economics Dr. Purba Roy Choudhury
Computer Science Mr. Utsab Mukherjee
Statistics Ms. Pushpita Gangopadhyay
Commerce, Morning Section Mr. Vivek Patwari and Ms. Moumita Dutta
Commerce, Afternoon & Evening Section Dr. Joyeta Bhadury & Ms. Gargi
Management Section (BBA) Mr. Chiranjib Mitra
IT & Systems Mr. Minesh Maniar
Dean, Science Dr. Samir K. Datta
Vice Principal, Science Dr. Pinki Saha Sardar
Vice Principal, Arts Ms. Debjani Ganguly
Coordinator, Morning Commerce Ms. Minakshi Chaturvedi
Bachelor of Business Administration Dr. Tridib Sengupta
Coordinator M.A, English Ms. Ananya Banerjee
Coordinator, M. Com Ms. Paramita Chakravarty


Structure of the Committee

Sectional/ Departmental Heads Sectional/ Departmental Coordinators
Mr. Tathagata Sen Department of English (as Advisor)
Dr. Suparna Basak Department of Physics (as Member)
Ms. Atreyee Ganguly Department of Commerce (Afternoon & Evening Section) (as Member)
Ms. Neetisha Jha Department of English (as Member)
Dr. Priyam Basu Thakur Department of Journalism & Mass Communication (as Member)
Calcutta University Examinations:
  • To convene the online/offline Internal Assessment/Theory/Tutorial/Practical Honours/ Generic Elective (GE)/General CBCS/Part (1+1+1, 2009 regulations) Calcutta University Under Graduate (UG) and Post-Graduate (PG) Examinations related meeting following the guidelines received from the University.
  • To keep in touch with the University personnel and the System Control Room of the College related to the
  • To convey the proper guidelines of the Examinations to all the Faculty Members of the College through the Departmental Coordinators and VP/HOD/Coordinators of different sections of the
  • To notify the schedule of all the online/offline Examinations (Internal Assessment/ Theory/Tutorial/Practical) for the Honours/ Generic Elective (GE)/General (CBCS/Part systems) papers for UG and PG courses to all the sections of the College and help to make the section-wise schedule for the Internal Assessment along with publishing in the College
  • To make the list of support staff (Group C and D) needed during the online/offline
  • To allot the responsibility to one Group C staff of the College for receiving the question paper on time during offline
  • To make a responsibility list (Room and seat allotment, paper distribution, attendance, paper collection, overseeing of packing, and any other related duty) of the support staff (Group C and Group D) required by the OC during the Examination days.
  • To guide the support staff of the College to arrange the answer script of the day-to-day Examinations accordingly and send them to the University during offline Examinations.
  • To allot GE answer scripts (as per the University directive) to the respective department of the College during offline
  • To notify about the publication of the final result to all the departments of each
  • To take responsibility for the proper documentation of all the published Notices of all the CU Examination with the help of Ms. Saheli Sarkar, Office Assistant of the Teacher-in-Charge of the College, and to send a copy to IQAC of the College and to all the VP/HOD/Coordinators of the College.
  • To arrange for collecting the datasheet of the published result of all the papers (result as a whole for the individual subjects) from the office of the University and distribute them to different departments to analyze the result of our College w.r.t University result for the individual so that each department can take necessary step for the betterment of the result for the next semester/part Examination.
  • To arrange for notifying the respective University personnel (Controller of Examinations) through the system control room of the College to sort out the discrepancy of the result, if any, after publishing the University
  • Any other activities related to the Calcutta University Examination.
Continuous Internal Assessment/ Evaluation (CIA/CIE) of the College:
  • To arrange for the Continuous Internal Assessment/Evaluation (CIA/CIE) for each semester (odd/even) in the different sections/departments of the College through the Dean/VP/HOD/Coordinators of different sections of the College.
  • To take CIA/CIE for a particular department with their question in a proper
  • To arrange for notifying about the CIA/CIE to the College Website with the help of the System Control room of the College.
  • Any other activity related to the CIA/CIE of the College.

The Coordinators may conduct offline Examination(s) (University/CIA/CIE/IA) for each part/semester system making a core committee composing an Officer-in-Charge (OC) (if necessary), 3-4 Departmental Coordinators, and the Advisors from the said list. Each year a new core committee should be formed.

Working Scheme:

To conduct the meeting for the online/offline Calcutta University Examinations (UG and PG semester/Part) and CIA/CIE of the College at least 4 times (for each semester) specially after the publication of the Notice of the Examination, before the commencement of the theory/tutorial/practical Examination and at the end of the Examination to discuss on the matters related to the Examinations.

To notify all the departments of a section for CIA/CIE in the mid-session of each semester as decided in the meeting called for CIA/CIE.

To report Chairperson of the Committee about the progress of the work related to the Examinations after each even/odd semester examinations

Meeting Dates: 02.06.2022, 17.09.2022, 29.11.2022, 04.12.2022, 10.04.2023, 15.05.2023, 18.11.2023, 21.06.2022

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