B.Sc (Hons)


Mathematics is a crucial area of study whether in academia or the professional sector such as engineering. Our honours course in Mathematics gives you a strong foundation in the fundamentals of the subject and covers a wide range of topics including Classical, Modern, Linear and Vector Algebra, Vector and Tensor Calculus, Linear Programming and Game Theory, Analytical Statics and Dynamics, Hydrostatics and Rigid Dynamics, Probability, Statistics and more. The course equips you with analytic, problem-solving and logical-thinking skills and gives you a head start for careers in diverse fields from finance and business to healthcare and technology.

Course Structure

Choice Based Credit System

Course Code Name of Course Semester Marks
CC-1 Calculus + Geometry and Vector Analysis 1 100
CC-2 Algebra 1 100
GE-1 Paper 1 (Applicable for students opting for Mathematics as Generic Elective) 1 100
AECC-1 Communicative English / Bengali / Hindi 1 100
CC-3 Real Analysis 2 100
CC-4 Group Theory-I 2 100
GE-2 Paper 2 (Applicable for students opting for Mathematics as Generic Elective) 2 100
AECC-2 ENVS 2 100
CC-5 Theory of Real Functions 3 100
CC-6 Ring Theory and Linear Algebra-I 3 100
CC-7 Ordinary Differential Equation and Multivariate Calculus-I 3 100
SEC-A C Programming Language or Object Oriented programming in C++ 3 100
GE-3 Paper 3 (Applicable for students opting for Mathematics as Generic Elective) 3 100
CC-8 Riemann Integration and Series of Functions 4 100
CC-9 Partial differential equation and Multivariate Calculus-II 4 100
CC-10 Mechanics 4 100
SEC-B Mathematical Logic or Scientific computing with SageMath and R 4 100
GE-4 Paper 4 (Applicable for students opting for Mathematics as Generic Elective) 4 100
CC-11 Probability and Statistics 5 100
CC-12 Group Theory-II and Linear Algebra-II 5 100
DSE-A-1 Advanced Algebra or Bio Mathematics or Industrial Mathematics 5 100
DSE-B-1 Discrete Mathematics or Linear Programming and Game Theory or Boolean Algebra and Automata Theory 5 100
CC-13 Metric Space and Complex Analysis 6 100
CC-14 Numerical Methods and Numerical Methods Lab 6 100
DSE-A-2 Differential Geometry or Mathematical Modelling or Fluid Statics and Elementary Fluid Dynamics 6 100
DSE-B-2 Point Set Topology or Astronomy and Space Science or Advanced Mechanics 6 100


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Course Eligibility

A candidate taking up Honours Course in a subject must have obtained at the previous qualifying examination a minimum of:

55% marks in Mathematics


45% marks in Mathematics + 50% marks in BO4


  • Candidate passed in Business Mathematics is not eligible for Admission.
  • Please also read General Eligibility Criteria, Under Admissions.


Course Duration

3 Years

Course Hours

10:15 am to 4:30 pm (Day Session, Co-Ed)

Course Fees

₹ 23,975/- (First Semester)

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