The M.A degree at BESC is an autonomous two-year postgraduate program under Calcutta University with a rigorous course structure. The course includes English language and literature. The course covers English literary studies, theories, criticism and pedagogy, all in the form of theory.

About The Course

The course is a combination of modern and ancient English literature, consisting of three main areas of focus, i.e. Prose, Poetry, and Drama. The course includes literature by not just England writers, but from all over the world, such as Irish, Scottish, Polish, American, and Welsh. Cultural, political and historical contexts of English and linguistics are explored on an advanced level.

MA English course includes the study of Indian writings in English from early times to contemporary ones. It prepares students for teaching and creative English writing. MA English students also have scope to build their career in the field of journalism.


Course Eligibility

B.A. English Honours Graduate Only (Current and Immediately Previous Year).

Course Duration

2 Years

Course Hours

10.15 am to 4:30 pm (Day Session, Co-Ed)

Course Fees

Rs.42,110 (First Year)