Internal Coordination Committee

Committee Members

Sl. No. Name of Members Department Mobile Email
1 Dr. Subhabrata Gangopadhyay Science 9830022738 principal@thebges.edu.in
2 Paramita Chakravarty (Coordinator) Commerce 9831842055 paramita.chakravarty@thebges.edu.in
3 Saspo Chakravarty


Commerce 9831168180 saspo.chakraborty@thebges.edu.in
4 Dr. Tridib Sengupta (Member) BBA 9831126976 tridib.sengupta@thebges.edu.in
5 Meenakshi Chaturvedi


Commerce 9674255566 meenakshi.chaturvedi@thebges.edu.in
6 Ananyya Banerjee (Member) Arts/English 9836860429 ananyya.banerjee@thebges.edu.in
7 Dr. Samir Datta (Member) Science/ Chemistry 9681254317 samir.datta@thebges.edu.in
8 Debjani Ganguli


Arts/ History 9903491938 debjani.ganguly@thebges.edu.in
9. Tathgata Sen


Arts/English 9051320765 tathagata.sen@thebges.edu.in

Objectives of the Committee

The Internal Coordination Committee of The Bhawanipur Education Society College was formed in 2014. The committee was created to:

  • Maintain coordination between all the departments of the college for curriculum delivery, internal examinations and implementing uniform rules and regulations.
  • Communicate important information to the departmental heads, so it is disseminated to the faculty at large.
  • Review and appraise departmental activities.
  • Record suggestions by departmental heads for the welfare of the college.
  • Decide on the proposals to be placed before the IQAC.

Achievements of the Committee

  • The committee has successfully implemented the CBCS system of curriculum delivery in all the departments through regular discussions.
  • Policy procedures related to Continuous Internal Assessment, remedial classes and bridge classes were deliberated and smoothly implemented in all departments. Methods of identification of slow learners were also decided through deliberations.
  • The committee guided the process and method of conducting effective mentoring classes.
  • Proposals for seminars, webinars, workshops and conferences were collected by the committee, reviewed and placed in IQAC for approval. A number of national and international events were organised based on the proposals forwarded by this committee.

Future Plans

  • The committee proposes to work towards its primary objective, which is establishing departmental harmony through implementation of uniform rules and regulations.
  • The committee proposes to deliberate on methods for smooth online classes by all departments.
  • The committee plans to encourage complete digitalisation of curriculum delivery and introduce the flipped classroom so that student-learning is not hampered by COVID-19.
  • The committee plans to support the departments in holding regular webinars and student-centric programmes for their academic and mental well-being.

Committee Meetings

Number of Meetings held July 2019-June 2020: Eight (08)

Dates: 2.7.2019, 30.7.2019, 30.9.2019, 4.1.2020, 20.1.2020, 15.2.2020, 2.3.2020, 19.5.2020

Minutes of Meetings: Maintained

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