Faculty Development Committee

Committee Members

It is hereby notified that as per the resolution adopted in the Governing Body Meeting of 19th December 2021, The Faculty Development Committee of the college has been reconstituted with effect from the date of notification till further notice. It includes the following members:

Chairperson – Dr. Subhabrata Gangopadhyay (ex-officio)

Name of Members Designation
1. Ms. Paramita Chakravarty (Department of Commerce)
2. Ms. Sonal Kapur (Department of English)
1.Dr.  Pinki Saha Sardar (Department of Chemistry)
2. Mr. Sayan Roy (Department of Commerce)
3. Dr. Kasturi Mukherjee (Department of Bengali)
4. Mr. Soumyajit Chandra (Department of English)
5. Ms. Barnasree Chatterjee (Department of Commerce)

Objectives of the committee

The Faculty Development Committee of The Bhawanipur Education Society College was formed in 2014. The Committee was created to initiate, coordinate and make recommendations concerning all aspects of faculty development at The BESC. The objectives of the Committee include:

  • Orientation of the faculty to the institution’s objectives and vision 
  • Promotion of intellectual activity and interactions on campus
  • Recognition and promotion of effective teaching
  • Recommendation and implementation of policy concerning faculty development
  • Promotion of faculty initiatives towards innovative teaching-learning methodologies

Future Plans

The committee proposes to organise online faculty development programmes on the following areas:

  • Offer training opportunities that increase computer and technological proficiency of faculty
  • Provide professional development opportunities that expand skills and practices for faculty to support improvement of instruction
  • Enhance student learning through faculty training programmes on innovative classroom strategies and instructional techniques
  • Engage faculty as scholars and practitioners in their various disciplines and provide opportunities for faculty to share their expertise with colleagues through in-house and/or online faculty development programmes

Committee Meetings

Minutes of Meetings: Maintained in the Minutes Register

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